Chateau de Pechrigal | Activities
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poolOn the spot, the possibilities are many


  • The superb swimming pool

It provides the moments of relaxation and rest including the hosts need. It has a range of swimming pool of more than 500 m2, of a small bath of 60 m2 and a diving board. It is also equipped with a jacuzzi that can accommodate 8 people.


  • The Tennis court

Of regulatory dimensions, it is in porous concrete and allows you to play as soon after the rain. A machine to launch the bales is available to the players and a powerful halogen lighting allows those who wish to play the night.


  • The fitness center

It is equipped with modern appliances designed for strength and cardio-vascular training. It also contains two bicycles and a stairmaster.


  • For lovers of walks and jogging, the aisles of the park are waiting for you

Nearby , many activities can be practiced under the supervision of service providers independent professionals :


  • Horse-riding and horse riding tours


  • Lowering of the Dordogne in canoé


  • Very many tourist excursions deemed