Chateau de Pechrigal | History
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Léo Férré marchant dans le parc de Pechrigal – cliché anonyme.

It is in 1354 that the name of Pech-Rigal (Royal Hill) appears for the first time. Property of Pierre de Castanou, Lord of Gourdon.


In 1396, the seigneury of Saint-Clair, where is located Pechrigal, is transferred to Galtier of Pelegri but the Castanou shall retain the castle.


In 1460 it is ceded to Géraud of Valle, a member of a family of lawyers of Gourdon.


The field is then divided into districts, put in farming, the Lord retaining for itself the exercise of the Seigneurial justice, the dungeon, the gardens and the  non- cultivated land.


This situation will continue a good hundred years during which confronteront the heirs of  Castanou and the successors of Géraud of Valle, which will prevail constantly from the property of the castle , as well as for the exercise of all the rights of justice.


In 1573 the area goes to Guillaume Seguy, Trader to Gourdon, whose son, military, was knighted.


This family will coordinate then to Lagrange-Gourdon that will retain Pechrigal up in 1782 for the then transfer to a lawyer of Gourdon, Pierre Glandin, of which the heirs in the remained the owners until the twentieth century.



  • Leo FÉRRÉ (1916 – 1993)

Author-composer-interpreter of exception, Léo Férré made the acquisition of the area, which he dubbed Perdrigal, IN 1963.

He resided there with his family, surrounded by its many animals, until 1968.

This period was very fruitful in his immense career.

  • The castle then remained unoccupied. It undergoes significant degradation, up to its repurchase to the with-Rights of Léo Ferré, IN 1998, by Mr John Manchec.


The latter began in a colossal rescue operation and restoration which demanded ten years of a rigorous work and incessant for itself and its teams.